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Ecosphere Shop

The Ecosphere Outlet In Spiti

The Ecosphere outlet is simply a platform for the locals of Spiti and the Ecosphere team to portray and exhibit their work and products. The store is located within the premises of the Ecosphere office in the main market of Kaza and is a popular place where people come for a variety of reasons. From individuals to groups seeking travel related information on things to do, refilling their water bottles, purchasing some healthy seabuckthorn products, handicrafts, renting mountain bikes, or just getting an insight into the conservation and development issues in the valley. Our friendly team is always there to assist you. The outlet reflects the diversity of our initiatives in the region and the commitment, hard work and dedication of the people involved in the various initiatives in the valley.

While you are in Spiti, do visit us and we just might have something for you. Your visit will only encourage and motivate us to do better.

Here is the range of products that you can find at our outlet:

Seabuckthorn Products
Jam and concentrate

Black Pea (Kala mattar), barley

Socks, gloves, sweater, mufflers, caps, inners for women, hand warmers, leg warmers, shawls, hair bands and bags

Solar Technology
Solar lanterns, solar torches, solar geysers (Evacuated Tube Condensers), Solar parabolic cookers

Buddhist Art
Thangkas (traditional style paintings on silken canvas)
Thangka replicas

Posters & postcards

Information on Spiti

  • Local bus timings
  • Map of Spiti
  • English dictionary translated to Spitian

Every purchase of yours at our store contributes to culture and nature conservation as well as generating incomes for many households in the valley.