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CNN IBN Real Heroes Award
Ishita Khanna, Founder Ecosphere was given the real heroes award for her initiatives in the Spiti and Lahaul valley of Himachal to enable local communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.
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Express Travel World - 10 wonder women
Ishita Khanna featured as 10 wonder women to mark the womens day 2010. To commemorate International Women's Day this March, Express TravelWorld toasts ten wonder women who had the grit to take the road less travelled. Through their unique initiatives, these women have pioneered projects that have resulted in real change and benefited a larger cause.
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Ishita Khanna, Founder Ecosphere awarded Real Heroes Award
Reliance and CNN IBN honour 24 real-life heroes.
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Ishita Khanna, Founder Ecosphere awarded Real Heroes Award
CNN IBN & Reliance honour real heroes.
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The International Eco-tourism Society Blog
Community Based Advetures in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas
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Whl.travel blog
The Green Circuit – Featuring Ecosphere and its partners in running responsible trips in India and Nepal.
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Eco-tourism and the double edged sword of tourism
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Travel Mole – November 2009
Sustainable Travel – The Green Circuit Indian trails open for business – ecosphere along with 4 other responsible travel operators launch the green circuit at WTM, London……read more.
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Entrepreneur.com September 2009
Women Entrepreneurs: Meet India’s Leading Ladies
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The National, UAE
Building a green house in the Himalayas - volunteers from UAE and Canada build a green house for a monastery in Spiti.
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Outlook Business August 2009
Desert Rose – The new wealth creators – ‘They put society above self. They use entrepreneurial means to drive social change. These 50 social entrepreneurs are enriching the nation’.
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India Travel – Review of Ecosphere Spiti
Responsible Tourism In Spiti
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TravelBiz moniotor.com
Ecosphere unveils travel volunteer packages for travelers visiting Spiti
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My Himachal June 2009
Ecosphere again makes Himachal proud – wins Sierra Club Award
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Sierra Club ‘Green Energy & Green Livelihood Achievement Award’ 2009
Ecosphere wins award for its initiatives in the Spiti valley creating sustainable livelihoods that are linked to nature and culture conservation.
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News clips on the Sierra Club award 2009
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My Himachal – March 2009
A word with Ishita Khanna
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Ecosphere - A glimpse
A short documentary film on the organisation and its initiatives to tackle climate change impacts in the region.
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Live Mint March 2009
Ups and downs in the Valley
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My Himachal – Dec 2008
Ecosphere Wins Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award
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The Star – November 2008
Wild Asia Responsible Travel Award won by Ecosphere
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Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards 2008
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Travel Mole – VISION – November 2008
Sustainable Tourism – Spiti Valley Shangri-la of Tourism. Set in the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas, a committed little eco-tourism project has set itself high goals… Read more.
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Travel Express world – May 2008
Its all about sustainable and responsible tourism
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Travel Express World - 2008
Ecosphere in Spiti – Ecospheres initiatives to link livelihoods to nature and culture conservation
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Financial Times – April 2008
A guide to eco-friendly hideaways
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Terracurve Feb 2008
Ecosphere links native cultures with travelers
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Outlook Traveler – July 2007
High Chase – Tracking the Himalayan Wolf – Addressing issues pertaining to human wildlife conflict.
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Hindustan Times – Sept 2007
A short film that is big on ambition – a film on climate change to generate awareness about the most pressing issue of our times
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