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Muse – Creative Initiatives for Sustainable development
The Muses, in Greek mythology, were the nine goddesses or spiritual guides who inspired creativity. Muse today is an NGO working on issues pertaining to the development of sustainable livelihoods, environment and culture conservation, policy advocacy and women’s empowerment in the Spiti valley for over 5 years. The organisation was formed in the summer of 2002 by a group of individuals whose passion for the mountains and sustainable development inspired them to come together for this endeavour.

STAG – Spiti Trans-Himalayan Action Group
STAG is a non-profit organisation started byNono Sonam Angdui (The King of Spiti). His love, passion and vision for his native land is evident in his efforts and commitment toward establishing a model of sustainability for the region. The organisation has been actively involved in various projects pertaining to livelihoods, handicrafts, solar technology, greenhouses and education.

SSS – Spiti Seabuckthorn Society
The Spiti Seabuckthorn Society is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. It was formed in the year 2004 as an outcome of a project initiated by Muse for the conservation, propagation and commercialisation of Seabuckthorn in the Spiti valley. The organisation caters to over 500 women from 33 groups in 27 villages and is run by a dedicated team of local representatives headed by Nono Sonam Angdui. The SSS model has been instrumental in the success of the seabuckthorn initiative not only in the state of Himachal Pradesh but also in Ladakh where a similar approach is being adopted. The SSS, in collaboration with Muse, has been actively involved in plantation, processing, product development and local marketing of seabuckthorn.