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Our Philosophy

Sometimes the conventional rules simply aren't good enough. Sometimes new rules have to be invented, rules that would require us to look at situations with a fresh perspective. Attitudes have to be torn down and rebuilt. Some things are worth fighting for irrespective of the odds.

We all have our own mountains to climb but the ones we climb for others are the most worthy and the most fulfilling. A fight may look harmless when viewed from the outside, but on the inside it's pure lightning. Our personal spectrums are totally congruent to our characters. How to choose to build and use them is our call.

To bring effective change you have to change the way people think. Attitudes need to be shuffled, education imparted, sensitization and socio-cultural defragmentation sought.

As the Zen master says, "your cup is full. How can I put anything in it till you empty it out first?"

Effective change is change effected.