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The lifeline of our initiatives has been the support we have received. Our supporters, both organisational and individuals, have been instrumental and critical to the growth and progress of our initiatives. Many Thanks!


The begging bowl is a common feature of the necessary repertoire of development organisations. Fundraising is one of the major bottlenecks for many organisations as on the one hand it deprives you of valuable time on the field and on the other it raises the question of your own sustainability and subsequently that of your initiatives. However, without the support of development agencies and funding organisations many development initiatives would never have even got out of the conceptual stages itself. We are grateful to the following organisations for the support and faith they have shown in us:

  • GTZ – German Development Co-operation
  • Sir Ratan Tata Trust
  • Snow Leopard Conservancy
  • Disney Foundation
  • Govt of Himachal Pradesh
  • European Union
  • Sir Dorabji Tata Trust
  • The Ford Foundation
  • Winrock International
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature
  • Sierra Club


Inspiration is the key to the success of any initiative. Working in Spiti with its harsh geo-climatic situation and the isolated local community had its moments of glory and dejection. The support of a number of individuals has been critical in taking us through our successes and failures alike. They have not only assisted us with their valuable guidance at important junctions of the work but have also contributed tremendously to the growth of our various initiatives.

Ashok Thakur (IAS), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh – without you we wouldn’t have ever started working in Himachal – thank you.

Subhash Negi (IAS), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh – for your trust and confidence in us.

Mr. Selvam (IAS), Govt. of Himachal Pradesh – your perseverance and passion for seabuckthorn was a great motivator.

P.L Negi (HAS), Govt of Himachal Pradesh – for his active involvement at the grassroots, passion, honesty and support.

Dr. Virendra Singh, Seabuckthorn Scientist, HPKV, Palampur – the father behind the seabuckthorn endeavour in India.

Rinchen Wangchuk, Director, Snow Leopard Conservancy, Ladakh – for all your inputs, ideas and expertise.

Rodney Jackson, Director, Snow Leopard Conservancy, USA – for making that trip to Spiti in 2003 which was the birth of our tourism initiatives.

Kishore Thukral, a man of varied facets, is an avid mountaineer, traveller, writer, photographer and last but not the least in love with Spiti. One of the most involved supporters of Ecosphere, from the Dhankhar initiative to the Spiti book to helping in culture interpretation. There is still lots more that he will be doing!

Joy Siddhanta, Web designer – for bearing with our fussy ways and the wonderful website!!

Veera & Jawahar Khanna – The flamboyant father and the lovely mother. Ishita’s family continues to be the best PR persons ever. Jwahar single handedly has taken it on himself to promote Ecosphere and its causes in Dehra Dun and elsewhere.

Gopika Khanna - older & richer sisters are a God send. Need we say more?

Seema Chauhan - from laptops to altimeters to many more things and for being there when there was very little.

Sridhar - brother-in-laws also get roped in even if they like it or not!!

Ajay Uthaman & Bounce– ideas, insights, designs and loads of advertising inputs.

Aquaterra Team – for their beautiful pictures and support right at the start.

Nandita Jain, Consultant Eco-tourism – for making that trip to Spiti that got us working on Eco-tourism.

Nitin Das, Film maker – for your philosophy, insights and efforts of making actors out of the Spitians.

Aarthi Sridhar, Development Professional – for your short but always fruitful holidays to Spiti.

Sumit Aggarwal – for the numerous free legal inputs – we’ll hope to get more!!

Ashish Shashni – for the man that solves all problems and pushes our objectives in Manali.

Jiten Suchede – for the lovely posters and the Ecosphere logo.

Dikit – for giving us space for our 1st seabuckthorn unit and her healthy criticism!!

Anil Kuriyal (Pele) – for your valuable guiding inputs to the local boys and the scepticism towards NGO’s.

Dhananjay Ahluwalia – for the bikes you promised??????

Hirsh & Anjali – our first homestay guests – thank you for being the first.

Janet & Alec Taylor – the first travellers with Ecosphere – thanks for your valuable inputs.

Noah Sharon – our first volunteer – thanks for making us realise the importance of volunteers.

Sarah Hine, Fellow, America India Foundation - for her diligence.

Sachin Gurjale, Theatre Artist – for all the research on Spiti.

Vasuda Arora, Development professional – for your efforts to market seabuckthorn.

Antoine – the French casanova! his friendly nature, easy going attitude and deep love for the mountains and its people brought a new lease of life to our work.

Aravind – your love and passion for the mountains and Spiti.

Tanpa – his support then and now.

Navkirat – for Ecosphere on our window panes!!

Marc Lewis – for being the first volunteer grass cutter in the Spiti valley and also the map you made.

Ethan – Photographer volunteer. Did some serious first aid trainings as well.

Erica Fuss – Diligent volunteer. Was at it at all times. Language dictionary, fossil posters, film scripts. Wow! Talk about multi-tasking.

Lobsang – besides the peas and potatoes from his beautiful village of Sanglung he is the perpetual volunteer for Ecosphere for anything and everything.

Vipul Sood – our CA in Shimla. Thanks for your patience with us and answering all our strange and sometimes incomprehensible questions.

Amarchand & Mangaldass – For their commitment to provide pro bono legal services to social enterprises.

Natasha – Our youngest volunteer ever. Thank you for your diligence and wonderful fresh ideas. We wish her all the best.

Gopi – For his passion for responsible travel.

Avantika – Intern from National School of Law, Bangalore. She sure got the govt. guys on their feet!

Robert - Traveler photographer from Switzerland who translated the Spiti dictionary into German, Italian, French and Spanish. Wow! many thanks.

Vishaish for nominating us. We owe the Sierra Club award to you.

Nishad, the photographer cum designer, thanks for the posters.

Himalayan Club - maninder and rama – thanks for all your support towards Tsering and Ecosphere.

Need to mention that lawyer

Bahar Dutt – Environment editor for CNN/IBN. Her love for the environment and the passion with which she brings all the causes and issues forth. Your story on Spiti is definitely the most engaging and informative. Thanks for all the publicity and nominations. You are the best!

Taiba – for all the encyclopeadias and books that you have given for the Ecosphere library. Not to mention your passion and love for Spiti.
To all those who supported our Library by donating their books

Rajwant Manta and his big storehouse in Shimla. Thanks for storing our seabuckthorn from time to time

Florian – A love affair with Spiti that goes back to almost a decade and to say the least continues to grow. Florian did his field study for his PHD in Spiti which strengthened his bond with the place and its people. He has been a keen supporter of Ecosphere. From chocolates to travellers to marketing support, he has been doing it all for us.

Gaelle – another one of those crazy and footloose wanderers. She came wandering into Spiti and fell in love with the place. She continues her bond with the valley and helps Ecosphere market the local handicrafts products in Germany.

Dipika Mehta – an intense yogini! Thanks for your endeavours to spread awareness about seabuckthorn and Ecosphere amongst the Bollywood community and elsewhere.

Amchi Chundui – One of the most famous traditional medicine practitioner in Spiti. For sharing all his wealth of local knowledge and assisting Ecosphere in its endeavour to work towards culutre conservation.

Palden – Another local inhabitant of Kaza, his belief in Ecopshere and its vision. Thanks for speaking out for our work within the community.

Sumei – For coming all the way upto Spiti to assess Ecopshere and enable them to get their first award. The Wild Asia RT Award. This will remain the most special award for us.

Peter – From Vipassana to Tai chi to filming to mountaineering....a man with diverse interrests. Thanks for the film and for more to come.

Raj Basu, Help Tourism – For all your initiatives and efforts towards responsibel travel. Keep doing what you do and continue to inspire many more.

Changzod – The multi-faceted man from the Pin valley. His support at the local level has been tremendously valuable.

Neeraj Chaudhari – For your legal inputs.

If we’ve forgotten any names it is only because - as you all know our memories have faded way before our time living in the Spiti climes and not because we don’t appreciate your contribution. Please overlook the follies of ageing!!