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Ecosphere represents the sum of experiential and operational synergy that exists between three NGO’s MUSE, SSS & STAG that have been facilitating sustainable development and eco livelihoods in the Spiti Valley for over a decade. Let us introduce you to the team that makes Ecosphere what it is...

Ishita is a young dynamic social entrepreneur who is one of the co-founders of Ecosphere and Muse. Her experience of working at the grassroots and passion for the environment and mountains has been the driving force for both Muse and Ecosphere which enable her to live her philosophy. She was voted as an Mtv Youth Icon in 2008 and has been featured in various magazines and articles as one of India’s 50 leading social entrepreneurs. She was recently awarded the Real Heroes award by CNN-IBN and is also an Ashoka fellow.
Sunil, began his love affair with the Spiti Valley in 1995 when he and a friend reached Spiti on the back of a truck totally by chance. This chance visit to Spiti eventually culminated in the formation of Muse. A resident of Shimla, the mountains and outdoors have been an integral part of his life. His passion for the environment , its people and their mutual needs is the driving force for him.
Sonam Angdui, better known as Nono (the title for the king of Spiti), has been one of the pioneers in setting up this enterprise. His love and concern for Spiti brought him back to his homeland after getting an education at Delhi University. He has contributed immensely to the development of the region and his active role and leadership has proven critical for the success of this initiative. A truly humble man and an inherent philanthropist, he likes to be better known as the progressive farmer of Spiti, a statement that can be substantiated by one visit to his farm.

Cherring Norbu, winner of the Mr. Spiti event organised by the Nono in 2001 is a dynamic individual with a vast array of experience in various fields such as tourism, youth affairs, accounting, child care, mountaineering, politics, solar energy, medicinal plants and the list can carry on! He belongs to a family of Amchis (traditional medicinal practitioners) and brings his vast array of local floral knowledge with him. He is the Manager for the Spiti operations and its life-force. Almost everyone in Spiti knows him and vice versa. Most of us jokingly call Ecosphere as Norbusphere. 

Cherring Angdui, alias Anjaan, is an intense and passionate person whose love for wildlife and passion for the conservation of Spiti’s cultural and natural heritage has made him an integral part of the tourism initiative. He is a qualified guide and has done various mountaineering and first aid courses to substantiate his standing as a quality guide. He is trained in mountaineering from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi (a premier mountaineering institute in the country).
Sonam Lotey, with his youthful vigour and infectious smile has been a great asset to the Ecosphere team both in the office and in the field where he is most of the time. Responsible for our solar passive housing projects he is our solar engineer in the making.
Chhering Bodh - the joker in the pack, well, his humour is the lifeline for moments of dull pauses in the office. He is a jack of all and an intimidating mountaineer. He can get to any heights with minimum fuss. He is also the multi tasking all in one man of Ecosphere. A certified guide, he has done his mountaineering courses from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi (a premier mountaineering institute in the country). He is also qualified in giving first aid. A funny, informative and resourceful guide.
Angdui - you will find him in the Ecosphere office and shop and he might be the first person you meet when you reach us in our office in Spiti. A highland boy who is passionate about Spiti’s development. He has been focussing on the local handicrafts and manages the office and shop.
Gatuk - the man of the moment. A youthful, reticent and intense boy who started off as a volunteer for Ecosphere and slowly made himself an integral part of the organisation. The Ecosphere jeep and bike are his most beloved passions. He is the man to show you the valley.

Shubhda is Ecosphere’s newest resource and a crucial link to the outside world. She is a corporate slave who is extremely passionate about seeing the world. Her love for the mountains only grew when she visited Spiti in 2014 and volunteered with Ecosphere to build a Solar Bath in the higest village in Asia ! She has an undergraduate degree in business from Delhi University and helps us with the eco travel division. 

The Team Gone By

Parikshat (2002-03) was one of the founder members of Muse and it was his vision and love for Spiti that inspired him to establish the NGO Muse and work in this region. The team lost Parikshat unfortunately in a car accident while he was returning from Spiti in the winters of 2003.

Sonam Jorgyes (2002), for being with us and getting us started in the initial stages.

Gautam (2005), a man with a keen eye and also with the words to go with it. A passionate photographer, his contributions to Ecosphere’s travel initiatives are invaluable. Thanks for the pics G and the vision for Ecosphere. This website owes it to you.

Jasrriet (2006-07), a development professional from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences is a master of innovation and storehouse of energy. Her short but intense period with Ecosphere was one of rapid movements and gave Ecosphere a completely fresh and different perspective. She still continues to be one of our biggest supporters and assets.

Angchuk Dorje alias Amar Singh(2002-07), a native of the Spiti valley and one of the first locals to get involved with the initiatives of Ecosphere.

Lotey Zangbo alias Kalu(2002-06), a hard working individual who was involved in the management and set up of the Seabuckthorn processing units.

Schichot alias Raj Kumar(2006-08), was involved in the energy projects of Ecosphere. Although his stay was short it was definitely fruitful.

Bhutit (2002-08), -- another one of the locals who supported the cause of the organisation in the initial years. Her involvement in the seabuckthorn initiative was critical for its initial success.

Namgyal Dolma (2004-06) – the Rangrik nomo (girl from Rangrik village, famous for its pretty girls!!) thanks for keeping the office up and running efficiently.

Freya - Fatema Rehman (2008) – The biker girl from Bangalore. She brought in a new lease of interesting perspectives to Ecosphere and made her time fruitful and meaningful both for Ecosphere and herself. The summer of 2008 in Spiti will remember her fondly.

Yakuta Poonawala (2009) – A graduate in filming and a keen trekker, Yakuta spent 6 months with Ecosphere and worked on furthering Ecosphere’s responsible travel objectives.