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Water Refilling at Ecosphere

Most travelers are usually worried about clean drinking water facilities in areas they travel to. And most of them might think that buying plastic mineral water bottles is the only solution for safe water.


Mineral water bottles are made of plastic which is non-biodegradable and very hard to dispose, thus posing a threat to the fragile ecology  of the region. Because of Spiti’s peculiar geo physical location, it becomes extremely difficult to find methods for proper disposal of such waste. Besides, buying these bottles is an expensive option, especially if you’re backpacking on a shoe string budget!

At Ecosphere we are trying to give you an alternate solution that is good for the environment and for your pockets as well. You can now choose the ‘Eco Water’ option which is a water purification system (Total Gold Nova Aquaguard a premier water purification company) which uses UV to filter the water of impurities. All you need to do is carry your own bottle or you could buy reusable bottles  from us. You can refill your bottles from our office located in the main bazaar in Kaza, Spiti. And guess what? It’s free of cost. We don’t charge you anything but those feeling generous can make a donation; proceeds of which are used for our various initiatives. (creating sustainable livelihoods that are linked to nature and culture conservation.) This money will also enable us to fix similar systems in the rest of the valley.

While traveling and trekking in the valley, pressure boiled water is available at most homestay accommodations and some places also offer solar boiled water. Our earnest request to all those who wish to participate in preserving Spiti’s pristine environs to use these facilities for refilling water. You can even carry water purifying tablets from your home country or a

Become a responsible traveler and help Spiti reduce plastic waste from water bottles. Support us in making Spiti not only a plastic free but an eco friendly destination.

Lets Keep Spiti clean - Dispose of your mineral water bottles with Ecosphere

We would like to make a humble request to all those who cannot avoid using mineral water bottles to kindly dispose their empty bottles at the Ecosphere office where we will make sure that they are disposed off properly. Ecosphere is in the process of setting up a compacting unit that crushes the mineral water bottles after which they will be used for insulating the local homes through our passive solar and green house projects.