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Popular jargon has a peculiar characteristic of catching the imagination of the masses. In contemporary times climate change seems to have usurped this role en-masse. Not only has it caught the imagination of the people but it has brought out the spirit of human solidarity as no other issue in modern times has. For the travel industry showing this solidarity is an issue that is paramount for preserving the very foundation of our well being. Climate change and travel have a bitter sweet relation which prompts the practitioners of responsible travel to find a balance in this equation. Carbon footprint, carbon neutral, carbon positive, zero carbon, are some of the common jargons that we hear these days when venturing out to explore our worlds.

We all want to see this world a better place and wish that our journeys to its different parts leave a positive impact. Ecosphere endeavours to assist people in this desire by making travel meaningful and beneficial for all involved. We work diligently on developing mitigation and adaptation measures against impacts of climate change thereby enabling travelers to reduce their emissions. All our treks and tours aim at minimising traveler impacts and maximising gains for the community as well as their environment.

All Ecosphere trips have a conservation charge that is ploughed back towards conservation and development initiatives in the region. Ecosphere also endeavours to make its trips within the region carbon neutral which we do through investing in renewable energy options such as passive solar houses, green houses, solar water heating systems and cookers, solar and wind energy alternatives. Through these initiatives, we aim at creating positive impacts from all our trips and enabling Spiti to remain a responsible travel destination.

Our technical team and partners are professionally qualified in ensuring that the offsetting options offered by us are authenticated with adequate research and data from credible sources. Most of the options offered by us have been based on years of actual work on the field. Read more about our renewable energy and climate change initiatives.

Some of the trips we recommend for those looking to make their visits carbon positive are
- Greening the Deserts
- The Climate Solution Challenge

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