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Jeep Safari - The most reliable and speedy mode of transport in these parts, the ride can get a little rough at times but the adventure never stops.

Yak & Horse Safari - Travel back in time, discover Spiti astride horses or yaks. The sure-footed Chumurti horses are the pride of the Spitian people and are one-of-a-kind. During the summer months the yaks are left to roam the vast alpine pastures freely. It is from among them that the village boys will go and fetch the best ones for your safari.

Mountain Biking (MTB) - Various trails traversing little-known valleys and plateaus, stunning vistas and a wide range of gradients make biking the ideal way of getting around this sand and rock symphony. Despite the ruggedness of terrain there are various camp sites that will have you spell bound.

Indian mountain bikes (the Firefox range) are readily available with us, choose a trail from our listed options or contact us to map your own trail. The trails are a photographers delight and provide endless opportunities to the shutter-happy rider!

Trekking - Spiti is a paradise for trekkers and offers a range of gradients and options. Passes in and out of Spiti provide a strategic access to neighbouring areas of Ladakh, Kinnaur, Kullu and Lahaul. Some well-known treks are the Pin-Parvati, Parang- La and the Pin-Bhaba.

We offer you an opportunity to experience the true essence of trekking by traversing through remote, pristine and forgotten trails. Treks within Spiti provide an array of options and offer one a unique insight into the region and its inhabitants.

Various treks within Spiti covering the Pin Valley National Park and the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary are also ideal for spotting the local wildlife and flora of this region.

White Water Rafting - Ecosphere Spiti offers you thrilling adrenaline adventures on the Pin and Spiti rivers that will exhilarate your senses and invigorate your spirits.