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Floral Forays – Botanical Tour of Spiti

The Spitian Trans-Himalayas are a unique storehouse of a rich and rare variety of flora. Despite its peculiar geo-climatic situation and cold desert conditions the area boasts of more than 450 species of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Some of the common flora and MAPs of the region are Aquilegia, Aster, Arnebia, Aconitum, Codonopsis, Dactylhoriza, Ephedra, Geranium, Hippophae, Hyocyamus, Myricaria Squamesa, Paraquilegia, Primula, Rheum, Rosa Webbiana (wild rose), Rosa Foetida, etc.
The best time to see the blossoming of the flowers is from June to mid August and the perfect time is Beginning July. The best people to see them with are the Amchis (local doctors) whose life’s love is mastering the understanding and usage of these rare and highly adaptive plants and flowers. Ecosphere’s floral forays gives you a rare opportunity to see the rich floral diversity and get an in-depth insight into the working of the traditional medicine system. Venture deep into this desertscape with our young aspiring Amchis.


Category – Trek
Duration – 13 Days
Grade – Medium
Mode of Travel – Jeep and Trek
Accommodation – Wilderness Camping, Guesthouse/Traditional Homestay
Season – June till Mid September.
Route – Manali – Spiti – Manali


This trip can also be booked as a Delhi to Delhi trip.