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'Responsible Eco-Travel' is about making a positive contribution to the economy, culture and environment of the places you visit and at the same time giving the traveler one of the most inspiring and rewarding travel experiences.

Surreal Spiti is an endeavour to promote 'Responsible Eco-travel'
in the Spiti valley. The objective of this programme is to develop unique, authentic and reliable tourism products and activities,
link them to community livelihoods and conservation of culture & nature. This not only provides the community with a sustainable source of income but also serves as an incentive to conserve this unique ecological and cultural microcosm.

We are aware that a vast array of subtle complexities permeate
the various facets of the Himalaya and are amply manifest in the ecology, people, culture, religion and geology of this extremely fragile and complex eco system.

We believe that travelling responsibly is a pre-requisite for the conservation of the resources on which tourism thrives and also a great way of ensuring that it creates equitable opportunities for those whose lands and cultures one visits.

At Ecosphere we are consciously striving towards ensuring that your visits to these pristine lands have minimum impact on the region and in turn directly contribute to local economies, conservation and development.