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Responsible Eco-Travel Policy

Minimizing Impacts, Maximizing Gains

How our Trips ensure Responsible Eco-Travel in the Spiti valley -

With a clearly defined mandate of developing Spiti as a responsible eco-travel destination, all travel experiences offered by Ecosphere have been carefully designed to incorporate aspects that directly and indirectly contribute to nature and culture conservation and economic benefits to the local community.

Ecosphere generates and maintains a development & conservation fund which is derived from the earnings from its travel initiatives. This fund is diverted towards development and conservation activities and capacity enhancement of the locals in the entire valley. Local service providers (homestay providers, pack animal providers, porters, etc) also set aside a percentage of their earnings towards a village conservation fund, which is utilised in their respective villages towards activities pertaining to nature and culture conservation and other socio-economic issues.

Moreover all our travel experiences have an inbuilt conservation cost charged to the visitor and all revenues generated are utilised for furthering our objectives of linking livelihoods to conservation. Hence at every level - the Local community, Visitor and Ecosphere - we ensure participation by the stakeholders towards conservation and responsible travel. We ensure that your travels have minimum impacts and contribute maximum benefits to the region.

We have been working in the Spiti valley for over 8 years on a wide array of development and conservation issues and adequately understand the context and needs of this unique ecosystem. Our office cum shop in Kaza is the ideal stop to get a detailed insight into the various developmental and conservation based projects that are ongoing in the valley.

Mitigating climate change impacts -

Our Passive Solar Architecture project aims at reducing the usage of fuel wood and providing the locals with energy efficient houses with a minimal carbon footprint.