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Tips for Travelling Responsibly
  • Educate yourself about the ecology, culture and people that you intend on visiting. Learn about the local services available and use them as much as possible.
  • Packing your bag for the journey is an easy task, spend an extra ounce of effort on ensuring that it is filled with stuff that does not harm the environment of the place you are visiting. Carry as little plastic wrappers as possible.
  • Support the local economy, buy local, as much as possible. While you are in Spiti try using things that are Spitian.
  • Try to minimise your carbon footprint by offsetting it wherever options are available. You can offset your carbon emissions from air travel through the following organisations - Carbon Clear, C-Change Trust, Climate Care, Future Forests, Sustainable Travel International, Tree Flights, World Land Trust.
  • Respect the local culture and refrain from physical intimacy in public places.
  • What you wear has an impact - environmentally and culturally - dress ethically and appropriately.
  • Use renewable energy for your needs as much as possible (i.e - solar powered chargers as opposed to batteries). Promote people and places that use renewable energy such as solar lights, solar cookers, etc. This will encourage locals to use more renewable energy products.
  • Make sure that you carry a good water bottle. Purified or boiled water is available at various places for re-filling your bottles. Buy 1 good bottle and refrain from buying numerous plastic mineral water bottles.
  • Water is a scarce resource in Spiti, use it frugally.
  • Local food is great, try it as much as possible and ask for places serving the same. While trekking try and buy local raw materials for cooking, avoid packaged food as much as possible.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and refrain from drugs, especially in public places.
  • Kindly seek permissions before photographing people. Photography inside monasteries is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not leave behind any non-biodegradable waste. You can carry it back and dispose it in Kaza (Spiti's Headquarter) with the help of the Public Welfare society that works on garbage disposal. Carry all toxic waste such as batteries back with you.
  • Do not pluck any medicinal plants, flowers and do not disturb the wildlife.
  • -Ensure that you do not deplete the destinations visited by you of their cultural and natural heritage. In Spiti please refrain from picking/buying fossils and other ancient/cultural artefacts.
  • While trekking keep to the trek paths and tread lightly. Choose appropriate footwear, sturdy but lightweight.
  • While camping ensure that you use existing campsites and leave it better than you found it.
  • Keep all pollutants away from rivers, streams and other water bodies. Do not wash near water bodies and try and use biodegradable detergents and soaps.
  • Refrain from giving gifts to children.
  • Do not flash your gizmos.

Your adherence to these tips will enable Spiti remain a sustainable/responsible destination for future generations.
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