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An authentic insight into the traditional Spitian lifestyle reveals the essence of the culture that is truly Spitian. Experience the simplicity and joy of Spitian country life through our interactive homestays and savour the local cuisine.

Traditional song and dance are deeply woven into the fabric of Spitian culture and the festivals present an apt opportunity to sample the dynamic, interpersonal, educational and aesthetic flavours of Spiti.

......an unforgettable experience.

Life at Asia's highest villages: Komic is the highest inhabited village in Asia. Immersed in legend, the inhabitants of this village are cut off from the rest of Spiti for greater part of the year. The pristine environs of this quaint village are complemented by an ancient monastery belonging to the Sakyapa Sect of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Farming Feats at 4400 mts: Agriculture in Spiti is solely dependent on winter snow melt. Get an in depth insight into the agricultural and irrigation practices, the intricacies of water management and the fragile relationship it shares with the ecology. Experience the farmers'' merriment in toiling with the soil and learn how to turn adversity into assets.