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Across ancient monasteries dating back more than 1000 years, to little-known meditation centers, glimpse the mummified remains of a monk and meet the lamas of Spiti - the Bhuchens. This is a journey through the mystical innerspace of Spiti.

Spiti is home to a purely homogenous Buddhist society belonging to the Mahayana sect of Vajrayana Buddhism. The major sects in Spiti are Sakyapa, Nyingmapa and Gelugpa. Each of these sects thrives in specific regions and their unique and distinct practices adds diversity to the culture of the region.

Home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples in the world, various unique aspects of traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture are well preserved and have flourished in the Spiti Valley for generations.

The Bhuchens are a unique and rare sect of Tibetan Buddhist theatrical artists that preach religious, social and ecological morals to the locals through a set of diverse performances. Followers of Tholdan Gyalpo, who invented this art in the early 11th century A.D, they are now only found in the Spiti valley after disappearing from Tibet and Ladakh.

An exclusive insight into their life, history and unique practices.