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Meditation Retreats

Follow your spiritual pursuits – the great gift of a human birth...

It is said that belief is conception but faith is conviction. Faith,
they say can move mountains. For those who wish to follow their spiritual pursuits are welcome to come to this mystical land and share the same spiritual space as those of the great Buddhist masters and meditators of the past and the present. Those who have truly shaken these mountains and swallowed many oceans as well. From Padmasambhava to Milarepa, many have left an indelible mark on the spiritual environment of this truly inspiring vastness.

Ecosphere is keen to provide you with some personal space amidst this breathless vastness to follow your spiritual pursuits. Come and meditate in some of the most remote meditation caves. We will provide you with basic logistical support for the same and leave you on your own. Most of the meditation caves are in the vicinity of remote villages and members of the village will be organised / requested to fulfill your basic needs from time to time.

This is not an itinerary, it is only an attempt to provide opportunity to those who wish to feel the divine within. Ecosphere will not charge for its services and logistical support will be as per actuals.

“And yet the way I act is such,
That I should not regain a human life!
And losing this,
my precious human form,
My evils will be many,
virtues none.”