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Monk for a Month

A mosaic of unadulterated moonscapes and invigorating spirits,
the land that time forgot, the symphony that resonates across centuries, a muse of the mystics, an emotion and not a destination, 'the Spiti valley – a unique haven of environmental, spiritual and architectural integrity'.
It is here that we have developed this unique yet engaging program to enable one to go deep into a space where entry is possible only for the initiated.
The monk for a month program is a journey that takes you into both the external as well as internal spaces that surround our physical, mental and spiritual grounds and gives you the opportunity to withdraw temporarily from all preconceived
notions of religious, spiritual and mundane notions.
As the sage says "Your cup is full. How can I put anything in it till you empty it out first?"

This program is a collaborative effort between Ecosphere and World Weavers. Book this program >


Category: Buddhist Retreat
Duration – 18/28 Days
Mode of Travel – Jeep and Walking/Hiking
Accommodation – Monastery, Guesthouse/Traditional Homestay
Season – May till October.
Route – Delhi - Shimla – Kinnaur – Spiti – Manali – kangra Valley – Dharamshala - Delhi