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Spiti Kaleidoscope
The all-encompassing tour of Spiti

The Trans-Himalayan backcountry is one of the most stunning, graphic and rugged regions on the globe. A well preserved Buddhist heritage, unique high altitude ecosystem and an isolation that transcends the barriers of time leaves the traveler spell bound by the magic of what we like to call the Spiti experience.
The Spiti Kaleidoscope is the perfect blend of the myriad aspects of Spiti’s geo-climatic and socio-cultural heritage along with a mix of soft adventure to tickle your senses. This trip has been specifically designed with the aim of showcasing to you, within the available time “window”, a fairly comprehensive Spitian kaleidoscope.

In terms of your holiday experience this is a “high density” trip. In order to maximize your Spiti experience we will spend lesser time in getting to and away from the Spiti valley via Manali. While in Spiti we will travel primarily to the regions/villages that best integrate and typify the myriad aspects of Spitian culture, where you will experience it through our traditional homestays, cultural performances, Yak safaris, day hikes in Snow Leopard & Himalayan Wolf habitats, savouring the local cuisine, to mountain biking in some of the most stunning and rugged back country trails.


Duration – 9 Days
Mode of Travel – Jeep, Mountain Biking, Yak Safari, Hiking
Accommodation – Traditional Homestay & Guesthouse
Season – Mid May till Mid October
Route – Manali – Spiti – Manali


This trip can also be booked as a Delhi to Delhi trip.