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The Climate Solution Challenge

This journey is custom designed for those who wish to be part of making a difference at the grassroots level and at the same time having a truly authentic experience of a region that can only be termed unique. A fragile ecology, a unique cultural heritage and
a geological history dating back to a few million years. Be a part
of our endeavours in the region to assist the local communities to preserve their traditional ways and to adapt to the transition that the region is undergoing.

During this journey you will be assisting the local community
in construction of a solar passive structure. The volunteers will participate in the actual construction of the structure and will be assisted by a dedicated team of a qualified mason and project co-ordinator from Ecosphere. The activity primarily entails actual physical labour. The construction period is 6 to 10 days depending on the number of volunteers. The trip is intermixed with work and pleasure. During this trip you will also be visiting some of the highest villages in the world, going on a high-altitude trek, yak safaris, mountain biking and visiting some ancient monasteries dating back to over a 1000 years. Traditional homestays further enrich the experience by giving one an authentic understanding
of the life and culture in a Spitian home.

Why this trip is significant and how does it help?
The construction of a solar passive structure is of great significance in this region as great amounts of fuelwood, coal and wood is burnt for heating water and keeping the rooms warm which contributes to CO2 and black carbon emissions. The latter having far more damaging affects on the melting of glaciers and snow on a local level. Through the set up of a solar passive structure, we enable the people to cut down on emissions (especially reducing black carbon) as well as enable them to have better hygiene through regular availability of hot water. Approx. 3.5 tons of CO2 is offset per annum through each passive solar house, which also amounts
to 60% reduction in fuelwood usage per household/annum.


Category – Volunteer Activity
Duration – 14 Days
Grade – Medium
Mode of Travel – Jeep, Yak safari, mountain biking and Trek
Accommodation – Traditional Homestay , Monastery Guesthouse & Hotel
Season – June till Mid October
Route – Manali – Spiti – Manali