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Life as a Local
Village Volunteering in the Himalayas

‘One cannot cross a mountain range by merely staring at it’…..an old mountain proverb

Life as a Local is an opportunity to explore oneself while experiencing life in Spiti. Central to the theme of this journey is the whole idea of volunteering and becoming a part of the lives of the people whose lands one is visiting, engaging in activities that form part of the daily chores of these hardy mountain folks. Live their life, toil their soil, care for their cattle and in turn be rewarded with one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Up close and personal, while contributing to their economic, development or conservation needs. This program provides that rare opportunity to experience Spiti as an insider.

Home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples in the world, this journey is a unique opportunity to experience the culture and lifestyle of a community in one of the remotest parts of the world. From visits to ancient monasteries dating back to over a 1000 years, to staying alongside the monks at the iconic Kee monastery and the lesser know yet endearing Buddhist nuns of Spiti. Coupled with volunteering in the highland villages and visits to the lesser know parts of Spiti, this journey gives a glimpse into the true essence of life in Spiti.


Category – Volunteer Activity
Duration – 8 to 10 Days
Grade – Medium
Mode of Travel – Jeep, Yak safari, mountain biking and Trek
Accommodation – Traditional Homestay, Monastery Guesthouse & Hotel
Season – All year
Route – Manali/Shimla – Spiti – Manali/Shimla