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Life as a Local
Village Volunteering in the Himalayas

‘One cannot cross a mountain range by merely staring at it’…..an old mountain proverb

Human beings travel for a plethora of reasons. Be it exploration, business, pleasure, spiritual or a good old footloose feeling. However, one common thread that binds all these travels is that we all want to make it memorable and meaningful. This journey, offers just that opportunity.
The volunteer is based in a village in the Spiti valley which lies
in the Trans-Himalayan belt of India bordering Tibet in the east and Ladakh in the north. Home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries and temples in the world, this journey gives an indepth insight into Spitian life and Buddhist culture. Besides volunteering in the village we will also be visiting ancient monasteries dating back to a 1000 years, coupled with hikes
and walks around the village that give a glimpse into the fragile ecology of the region with an opportunity to spot some rare and endangered wildlife such as the Snow Leopard, Himalayan Wolf and Blue Sheep. Day hikes around the village is also an ideal way
to learn about the unique bio-diversity of the region. Spiti is home to over 450 species of medicinal and aromatic plants. Mountain biking and safaris to some of the highest villages in the world further add to the experience.

Significance of this tour
The village volunteering in the Himalayas is an opportunity to explore oneself while experiencing rural life. Central to the theme of this journey is the whole idea of volunteering. This is a great way to visit a region and become an integral part of the lives of the people whose lands one is visiting. Up close and personal, while contributing to their economic, development or conservation needs.


Category – Volunteer Activity
Duration – 11 Days
Grade – Medium
Mode of Travel – Jeep and Trek
Accommodation – Traditional Homestay, Monastery Guesthouse & Hotel
Season – June till Mid October
Route – Manali – Spiti – Manali