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Arts and crafts form an important fabric of any society and reflects the creative spirit of its people. Despite its harshness and hard life, a variety of handicrafts have emerged here that the locals have excelled in and these cut across the spectrum ranging from their day to day household needs to religious artefacts to their creative spirits. Spiti is home to some unique handicrafts such as thangkas (paintings on silken canvas), choksays (wooden carved tables), mane stones (carving on stones), Zama (Mud craft), lingzay (traditional shawls) and a whole variety of wool based handicrafts. While some of these handicrafts continue to excel, others are slowly disappearing due to varied reasons such as lack of an adequate market and economic linkage which has gradually led to a decline in the skills. Ecosphere has been keenly involved in not only marketing the more popular crafts but is also in the process of reviving some of the traditional crafts that have almost died out or are slowly disappearing.