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Herbs & Foods

Spiti’s unique ecosystem is richly endowed with ‘naturals and organics’. Ecosphere has streamlined highly eco sensitized methods for extracting and sourcing these rare Himalayan herbs, fruits and crops.

By promoting indigenous produce, Ecosphere ensures the conservation of Spiti’s diverse traditional crops and fruits, the promotion of organic agriculture, the overall health of the soil and livelihoods of the local populace.


Black Peas/ Kala Mattar
A legume with a high nutritive content. It is roasted and ground locally and often consumed in combination with ground barley. The Black Pea can also be consumed as a pulse (similar to Kidney Beans/ Rajmah). The Black Pea also makes delicious sprouts.

Roasted Black Peas
A nutritious snack

Roasted puffed Barley
A nutritious snack/ breakfast cereal

Wild Herbs
- Garlic
- Onion
- Mint

There are 7 different varieties of barley (locally known as ‘Sattu’) that are still being grown in the Spiti valley. The preservation of these varieties is critical for maintaining the agricultural bio-diversity of the region.
A distinct variety of wild herbs are found in the Spiti valley. Some of the commonly found wild herbs are mint, thyme, garlic, oregano, etc.